For You Who Are Abroad

Migrant’s Prayer

Today, O lord I am a migrant person following

The footsteps of someone who invented history

And opened the paths towards the unknown


One day, O Lord, you abandoned your heaven

And silently entered into the night followed by

The indifference o many,

Involved in the silence of the stars

and in the company of those who keep vigil in the night

of the world, you made your nation

of humanity, you made your dwelling place


You became a migrant… you encountered us

In our journey, you met people burdened by pain

And you joined the feast of those who sing in hope

Since then, we continue walking

They are children and elderly, men and women

Poor and oppressed.


We journey full of hope seeking for you among us

Why did you become a migrant?

With you, our humanity became itinerant

Here we go, O Lord

Towards of Hymn of Pentecost

Walk with us o Lord, be with me… stay with me.


Seafarer’s Prayer

O God, I ask you to take me into your care and

Protection along with those who sail in ships

Make me alert and wise in my duties,

Make me faithful in the time of routine, and prompt to

Decide and courageous to act in any time of crisis.


Protect me in the dangers and perils of the sea, and even in the

Storm grant that there may be peace and calm within my heart

When I am far from home, far from loved ones and far from home

Help me to be quite sure that, wherever I am

I can never drift beyond your love and care


Give me the strength to lead a Christian life aboard our ship


Take care of my loved ones in the days when I am separated

From them, sometimes with half of the world between

Them and me and let me always be attached to them.


Keep me true to them and keep them true to me,

And every time we have to part

Bring us together in safety and in loyalty again

Keep my family at home in your care.


Help me and all seafarers to keep on the right course

Always, and to reach the safe port of heaven

This I ask for your love’s sake.